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20 Virtual Event Ideas

Virtual events may have gained popularity because of the pandemic, but they are quickly becoming an important part of the new normal. If you’re thinking of holding a virtual event but are stumped when it comes to content, let these virtual event and virtual conference ideas inspire you. Engagement, Interaction, and Gamification Encouraging attendee engagement—whether […]


Patrick King Joins BeyondLive as Business Development Manager

BeyondLive, Inc. announces the addition of Patrick King as a Business Development Manager. Patrick is responsible for identifying and securing new business opportunities for BeyondLive. In addition to securing new business, he is responsible for sustaining and refining the prospecting process. With over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Patrick brings a vast knowledge […]


5 Tech Issues That Can Ruin a Virtual Event & How to Prevent Them

2020 may have forced a pivot from live to virtual events, but as many event organizers have discovered, virtual events bring a lot to the table. Despite all that they offer, the fact that they’re purely digital might be throwing you off. What about tech troubles? Like any event, a virtual event requires careful planning […]


BeyondLive Welcomes Robert Cummings as Director of Technology

BeyondLive, Inc., a leading provider of 3D immersive virtual experience software, recently announced the addition of Robert Cummings as Director of Technology. Robert will be responsible for managing the software implementation required to deliver a seamless attendee experience for BeyondLive’s clients. Robert brings over 30 years of high-level tech and event experience to his role. […]


Case Study: EFI

EFI is a global leader in high-end, large-format printing for commercial clients. The company provides several other services that include printing, productivity software, and Fiery print servers. EFI strives to continue to serve their customers towards the growth and success of their print business. With over one-third of the market share in high-end, wide-format printers, […]


A Virtual Event Venue? Yes, You Should Have One

Choosing the right venue is an important part of organizing a live event. Is the same true for virtual events as well? The truth is, even though your event is happening online, the space you create for it does matter. In fact, the setting for a virtual event plays a significant role in its success. […]


Virtual Trade Shows: Host a Success

Live and virtual trade shows are similar in many respects. The essential concept of the show is the same: They bring together attendees, exhibitors, and typically one or more sponsors. But around this common core, there are many differences between a trade show in person and one online. Content that works at live trade shows […]


Case Study: Rapid Recon

Rapid Recon is a cloud-based workflow software company enabling better collaboration and communications for vehicle reconditioning and sales. The company’s goal is to make dealerships more streamlined and efficient by helping unify departments and vendors. With the team’s extensive background in auto dealership principals, this performance team has acquired over 20,000 monthly users across over […]